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Supporting Industry and Future Generation

Membership of The Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council consists of over five thousand (5,000) professional fashion jewelry and accessory industry leaders from around the world.


The variety of cultural backgrounds and influences on the products offered is amazing. Owing to the Council’s commitment to train and develop the fashion industry’s young talent, the platform of the JAC is open-source so our members will be able to share and exchange ideas that will reshape the economics of fashion.


The Council provides a global network which will allow emerging designers to market themselves to other more established designers, the media, fashion magazines and more. There will also be opportunities for collaboration with other designers that will assist in building a world-class portfolio.

Thank you for your interest in our Council. We were established in Hong Kong in 2015.  We are keen to welcome talented and enthusiastic professionals to join us and together we can create a thriving future for our industry.

JAMES CHENG / President 

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